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  • 2017 NFL & CollegeFootball

    21-8 #CollegeFootball 13-5 #NFL Great start to the season

  • 29-6-1 streak

    I am currently on a very exciting 16-1 streak that began Sunday with cowboys FH ML -220- -3 spread both bet for 100k each cowboys fg-6 and -220 ML both bet for 100k each vs Giants Cowboys 2h under 23 for 100k win Monday Night Football Vikings 160 ML 160k to win 100 win Chargers […]

  • Membership Pricing

    I am not a doctor, I am not a mechicanic, I do no not how to fly, and I can no longer dunk a basketball, but the one way I can ¬†better your life and fix your problem is… I am one of the best in the world when it comes to wagering on sports. […]